Posh Chalk Interiors provides a path to sustainability, accessible to all who seek it – through the power of upcycling; offering furniture restoration workshops, and classes in upholstery, spray painting, candle making, basic joinery – as well as providing advice on how to sell one’s pieces post-restoration.

But not only does upcycling deliver great sustainability for a world which so desperately needs it, it also has a myriad of incredible therapeutic benefits. As with all mindful practices, the single-minded focus and presence required to upcycle furniture causes stress to dissolve. There is no longer room to think about the regrets of the past or the worries of the future; instead, there is just the here and now. There are a great many studies touting the efficacy of mindfulness and many more people that sing its praises.

Furthermore, it pulls you out of virtual reality and brings you back into what is tangible and concrete – what truly matters. And it is here that genuine human connections are made.

So, if you have any stress or worry in your life, taking a workshop with Posh Chalk may be exactly what you need. Or, if you’re suffering from chronic pain, a disability, or mobility issues, their workshops are a great distraction from the pain and physical limitations.

Headquartered in a breath-taking restored mill, Posh Chalk has its ethos built into every wall. A fitting backdrop to begin your journey into sustainability through upcycling. And with a wide range of workshops – from beginners to master classes – there is something for every skill level.