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Posh Chalk Interiors provides a path to sustainability, accessible to all who seek it – through the power of upcycling; offering furniture restoration workshops taught by the talented in-house artist SollyJo!

Workshops are for students of all experience looking to work on any number of art projects. Just some of the techniques SollyJo teaches are:

Classes are generally quite small and intimate to make sure you get the most of your learning with more one-to-one time with the teacher.

And the best part is… You get to take your art home with you!

Check out the classes below to see what we have coming up or you can Contact us if you want to make your own class.

Classes are a great social opportunity to meet new people or make new friends, but we can also tailor them to you and your own social group if you wanted to book your own class.

Upcoming Classes

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PLEASE NOTE: The Posh Chalk Interiors Workshop does not accept card payments in store, if you have the intention of purchasing products during the class (which we highly recommend as your attendance to class comes with a 10% store discount!) then please ensure you have brought cash or have a Paypal app set up on your phone.